Consignment is a great way to earn extra money for very little effort.  There is potential for you to make money if you look in your closet.

You should clean your closet at least twice a year.
If you have not worn an item since the last time you cleaned your closet, you should consider consigning that item.

You should only consign items that you would consider
purchasing yourself.  If items are stained or damaged,
they should not be consigned. 

Please make sure all items are cleaned,
on hangers and free of pet hair, perfume and smoke odors.

You will get a better return for your items if you take the time to inspect each item before bringing them into the store.

Each shop is different, so our policies my be different
from the last shop that you consigned with.

Please take the time to download our
Consignor Contract so you will be
familiar with our policies. 

Questions & Answers about Consigning with My Sister's Closet

Can I just drop off my items?
No, since we are a small consignment boutique, we accept consignment by appointment only.  This is so that your items can be tagged and put out on the floor when you bring them in.  If you just drop items off, you may have to wait several weeks before they are put out on the floor.

What type of items do you take?
We accept high quality women's clothing in excellent condition and in style (less than 2 years old).  
The brands that we take vary, but we try to stay with high end department store brands such as INC, Karen Kane, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.  We also accept retail chain brands such as Cache, White House Black Market, Chico's and Ann Taylor.  For a complete list, click here.

Do you only take women's clothes?
Yes, we only accept women's clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. 

How many Items can I consign?
There is no minimum.  If you want to bring in one item to consign that is fine.  We allow a maximum of 20 articles of clothing and 5 accessory items (purses, shoes, jewelry, etc) at one time.  If you have alot of certain items items, please call and let us know and we can determine if those items are needed.

Do you accept wedding dresses?
We do NOT accept wedding dresses for consignment.

Do you accept maternity clothes or children's clothes?
We do NOT accept maternity or children's clothing for consignment. 

Do you accept men's clothes?
We do NOT accept men's clothing for consignment. 

Do you take anything other than clothes?
Yes, we accept GOOD fashion jewelry and genuine jewelry pieces.  We welcome belts, purses, wallets, shoes, scarves, hats and designer sunglasses.  Specialty items, such as briefcases and travel bags are on an "as needed" basis.

Do you accept designer handbags?
We accept authentic designer handbags and wallets for consignment.  If you have the receipts or paperwork, that will help with the authentication process.
We do NOT accept fake or look-alike bags for consignment.

Do clothes need to be on hangers?
Yes, all clothing must be cleaned and pressed within the past 30 days and on hangers.  If we have to clean or press items, you will be billed for it.   We do not accept clothing that is stained, has pet hairs, perfume or smoke odors. Please look at your clothes closely before you bring them in to be consigned.  We have the right to refuse any item that we feel is not appropriate to sell in our boutique.  Remember the rule, if you wouldn't buy it, please don't consign it.

Who determines the prices?
The boutique sets the prices.  All pricing is done with a sophisticated software program.  If there is an item that you would like a minimum price set, please let us know and we will set the price accordingly.

What is my commission?
You will receive 40% of the selling price of the item.  The selling price may differ from the asking price due to sales and markdowns.  Please remember that the boutique incures overhead, advertising costs, pays sales tax, credit card processing fees and banking fees. 

Is there a fee to consign?
As of February 1, 2012, there is a $10 one time, non refundable consignor fee.

I have heard about a store account, how does that work?
Some people like to shop consignment, as well as bringing their items in for consigning.  If this is the case, you can receive 50% of the selling price and instead of getting a check, you will be able to use the money that you earn towards future purchases.  If you do this, no checks will be cut, but you can change the option at any time.  

What is the conisgnment period? 
EFFECTIVE 4/1/14 the consignment period is 60 days until further notice.
It is your responsibility to know when your consignment period ends.

Do you have a markdown schedule?
The new markdown schedule will be as follows.  25% after the first 30 days, 50% after 45 days, and 75% after 60 days. We do this to get the items to move.  We constantly want fresh inventory in the boutique and you want your items to sell. 

How do I know when my consignment period ends?
We will not contact you when your contract is over.  It is your responsibility to know when your contract ends.  Everyone receives a copy of their contract at the time of consigning.  You will also receive an email with your inventory list.  This email will have the contract end date. 

When can I pick up my items?
You can contact the boutique by email or phone when your contract expires.  We need at least one day to pull your unsold items and will have them ready for you to pick up.  You can pick up any day of the week, except Saturday, unless arrangements have been made ahead of time. 

What happens if I don't pick up my items?
You will have a 15 day grace period to come pick up your items.  If you do not pick them up after the 15 days, all items are forfeited and become property of My Sister's Closet and will be sold or donated at the boutique's discretion.

Where do donated items go?
Donated items go to several local charities.  Gowns go to Becca's Closet, suits go to Women in Distress and most other clothes go to Covenant House. Proceedes from forfeited items that are sold in the boutique go to The Pamela Caglianone Foundation
How do I get paid?
Checks will be cut at the end of the consignment period.  No checks will be cut for an amount less than $20.  If you have less than $20 due to you, you can use it as store credit or we will pay you in cash.

What happens if I don't pick up my check?
Checks that are not claimed within 30 days are forfeited and become the property of My Sister's Closet Consignment Boutique, Inc. 

Can you mail my check?
If you make arrangements ahead of time and are a seasonal resident, your check may be mailed to you.

Will I receive a 1099?
If you sell more than $600 in one calendar year, you will receive a 1099.

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